Takato Sakura Hotel [sightseeing information]“Takato mason”

「Oriental Michelangelo  ~Sadaji Moriya」

Welcome  to Hometown of Takato  Masons

In rural districts in Japan, you can see many stone Buddha statues.

In this area, Ina and Takato with preserved scenery of the Edo period,

there are quite many statues and monuments, and they have been

maintained in good conditions.

Brand in Edo Period, Masons Popular across the Country “Takato Ishiku”

Ishiku(masons)is called as Ishidaiku(stone carpenter).

Expert mason with sophisticated techniques is artist.

Takato masons went around country as “Travering Masons” by creating

stone works. Sadaji Moriya  is the best mason in Takato Masons, having

engraved a lot of excellent stone Buddha statues.

He’s called Oriental Michelangelo.

Kempuku-ji  Temple(A Buddhist temple in Takato in Ina City )is core

in the tour of stone statues made by Takato Masons. 40 stone statures made

by Sadaji Moriya, a master of “Takato Masons” kept in here.

Takato is membership of “The most beautiful villages in Japan” Union.


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